Welcome to Schutz Liebe Rottweilers

EST. 2016

We are a small family based kennel, located in South East Queensland. We are high end hobbyist breeder, not a commercial breeder. We do not breed for profit, nor to make a living from them. First and foremost they are our family and their health and welfare is of our utmost priority. As an ethical breeder we strive to breed the ideal Rottweiler through careful section of our breeding dogs.

We ensure that all our breeding dogs go through the following testing:

  • Hips and Elbow
  • Eyes and Mouth
  • Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (JLPP)
  • DNA profiling & Parentage

We have been involved with the breed since 2003 when we purchased our first rottweiler, since then we have own multiple Pedigree Rottweilers and have a deep appreciation for the breed. Some years later we decided that we would love to be able to share the joys of this noble breed. We endeavored to secure quality bloodline that would produce true to standard offspring, once we obtained the desired bloodlines, we become a registered breeder in 2016 under the prefix of SCHUTZLIEBE.

We are registered breeders & members of Rottweiler Club of Queensland, Dogs Queensland and Logan City Council